Fire Danger Season

South Australian Country Fire Service

Fire Ban Season

1 November 2023 - 15 April 2024 (Riverland) / 30 April 2024 (Murraylands)

For information on the use of BBQ's, Webber's, Pizza Ovens etc. during the Fire Ban Season and on a Total Fire Ban Day click here.


Loxton 8584 7000
Moorook 8583 9300
Blanchetown 8540 5000
Taplan 8587 2200
Wunkar 8587 6260
Browns Well 8587 3099
Waikerie 8541 2000

For all fire emergencies call 000


The Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 and Regulations have amended the conditions applicable for the lighting of fires during the Fire Danger Season.

The Fire Danger Season will commence Wednesday 1 November and end on 15 April (Riverland) / 30 April (Murraylands).

All fires during the Fire Danger Season, with the exception of fires for cooking, personal comfort and other permitted activities such as gas or electric welding and the use of mechanical cutters, must be by permit. Permits will only be issued for agriculture and horticulture purposes once a burning permit application has been completed.

Permits may be obtained from the following authorised officers:-

Fire Prevention Officers:

S.W. Potter & W Pritchard

Loxton Office - 8584 8000

Waikerie Office - 8541 0700

Burning Permit Application

The conditions applicable to any Permit issued under the Act for burning off land on any day during the Fire Danger Season other than a day of Total Fire Ban are :-

a) that the land immediately around the relevant land must be cleared of all flammable vegetation to distance of at least four metres;

b) that at least 2 persons who are able to control the fire must be present at the site of the fire from the time it is lighted to the time it is completely extinguished;

c) that the fire must be lighted from the leeward side of the relevant land to establish a protective break, and then may be lighted from the windward side of the land;

d) that at least 400 litres of water, or such greater amount of water as may be specified in the permit, must be kept at hand to extinguish the fire; and

e) that the holder of the permit must, not more than seven days and not less than two hours, before the fire is lighted, give notice of his or her intention to light the fire -

i. to any person who owns, occupies or is in charge of land adjoining the land holding where the relevant land is situated and

ii. if the relevant land is inside (or partially inside) a council area - to an officer of the council for that area;

iii. if the relevant land is within two kilometres of a government reserve - to the person in charge of the reserve.


Charcoal Burning

Sulphur Burning

Grain Harvest - Code of Practice

Broad Acre Burning - Code of Practice


The use of gas or electric barbecues on total fire ban days is permitted provided the following conditions are complied with:

  1. The barbecue must be within 15 metres of the user's private residence or on a proclaimed area.
  2. The space immediately around the barbecue is cleared of all flammable material for a radius of at least four metres; and
  3. The barbecue is not left unattended while it is alight or charged. The proclaimed areas within this Council area are as follows:
  • The Loxton Recreation Grounds including the Swimming Pool, Town Caravan Park & Anzac Crescent Playground
  • The portion of the Loxton Riverfront known as: The Aquatic Club Area, Apex Park, Lions Park, Riverfront Caravan Park, Packard Bend Sand Bar
  • Loxton North Oval
  • Moorook Oval
  • Moorook Riverfront
  • Wunkar Oval
  • Waikerie Riverfront Reserve
  • Paisley Riverfront Reserve
  • Ramco Oval
  • Apex Park (Ramco)
  • The portion of the Kingston-on-Murray Riverfront extending upstream from the boat ramp up to and including the marina